DIY Metallic Glassware

Happy Friday everyone!

I don’t know about you guys, but I am sooo ready for the weekend! I’m going to spend it napping and reading in my jammies and drinking lots of apple tea. It’s going to be pretty glamorous. But if you’re not going to be a complete lazy bones this weekend and have some extra glassware hanging out in your cabinets, why not give them a quick glitzy makeover? All you need is a can of Krylon spray paint in a snazzy metallic color (I grabbed gold and silver from Michael’s for about $7 each), an armful of old glasses or glass containers, and some newspaper or cardboard to paint on to turn these:




into these!



Just for the record: after you spray paint these, THEY ARE NOT SAFE FOR DRINKING! Please don’t poison yourself! I picked my glassware specifically for candleholding/planting/decorative purposes. I mean really, how cute are these going to be for the winter holidays?!

The first thing you need to do it make sure your glassware is clean. If you paint over a dirty glass, the dirt is just going to get trapped underneath and give you a gritty coating. Lay down your cardboard or paper where you plan on painting and set your glassware down on top of it. I wouldn’t do this indoors because the fumes can get pretty strong, so make sure you’re in a well ventilated area! When you’re all set up, shake  (per the instructions on the can) and spray!





After you’ve given everything a good first coat, let it dry for 2 hours. This particular brand dries in about 15 minutes, but you could smudge the paint job if you handle them before letting them sit for a couple of hours, so take a movie break…maybe make some tea…take a nap…





This is what the first coat looks like after it’s all dry. I think it has a sort of frosted glass look, and if you like what you’ve got with it then you’re all done! If you wanted it to look more metallic, flip the glasses around and give them a second coat.




I was planning on using the wine and shot glasses as little votive candle holders, and the liquor bottle as a home for a paper flower bouquet I’m working on. But if you have a few small succulents or cacti hanging around, you can use these as mini planters as well!



Yes, those are screws. Drainage is really important for anything you plan on planting, and since succulents and cacti only need a misting of water every few days, a few rocks or screws at the bottom of your container is really all you need to do the job. Plus I didn’t have any rocks on hand; gotta work with what you’ve got!

If your’re using cacti, go ahead and fill your container halfway with soil, set the plant in, and fill the edges with more soil. When your plant is secure, mist with water to settle it. If you’re using succulents, you can cut the ends off of some you already have growing and plant these in a pretty design the way you would normally plant something with roots. Fill your glass up halfway with dirt, place the stems in the desired design, and fill the edges in with more soil. Mist with water to settle and enjoy!







Make sure you set your plants somewhere where they’ll get plenty of sunlight and spritz with a water bottle once or twice a week. As for your other newly gorgeous glassware, enjoy them as candle holders, confetti carriers, glitter containers, potpourri vessels, or just set them somewhere sunny to catch the light and brighten your day!

Have a good weekend everybody!


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